Apply Law of Attraction to Your Love Life

Good Afternoon Ladies!  Are you ready to learn how to Manifest Your Man®?!

All right, let’s get started then.  I’m a Mary Kay Gal and Mary Kay

has favorite saying about what a women’s needs are.

  • From 14 to 40 a woman needs good looks
  • From 40 to 60 she needs personality
  • And from 60 on I’m here to tell you a woman needs CASH!

Now nowhere on that list does it say anything about NEEDING a MAN.

joe_vitale_with_reflectionJoe Vitale wrote this endorsement for my book:

“Love. We all want it. Yet, you want to reach the point where you

don’t need it. Why? When you welcome it but don’t need it, you

attract it, and Manifest Your Man® shows you how to attract love.

Stacy teaches you how to come from a place of peace, and how to

love yourself and your life where you are right now.”

I don’t tell you that to puff myself up, but to make this next point.

Even though the name of my program is called Manifest Your Man®, ultimately I truly want for you to reach the point where you love yourself and your life so much, that you almost forget you are looking for a man.

In the meantime, however, there are fun things we can do to begin bringing your man closer to you, in a way that he won’t even know what hit him.  What do you say?  Are you ready to Play?

  • So who here has heard of The Secret?
  • Keep your hand up if you’ve read the book or watched the movie.
  • Hold ‘em up high if you’ve also read everything there is to read about law of attraction … and are still confused?

Well I LOVE the movie The Secret, so much so that I buy it for all the special people in my life and Mario and I watch it several times a year.  However, I do feel that the movie is just an introduction to the concept of Law of Attraction and doesn’t really give any practical ways to implement it into your life.

First of all what is the law of attraction exactly?  Law of Attraction is a concept that can be summarized by three simple steps:

  1. Ask 
  2. Answer 
  3. Allow.

Now we are all asking all the time based on our thoughts, feelings, and actions.  As far as manifesting your man goes, the Asking portion is what you do when you make your list of what you’re looking for.  We’ve all done that haven’t we?  However, what you don’t realize is that you are “Asking” much more often than you think you are.

You could be lending a kind ear to a girlfriend or a sibling who’s venting about their significant other, and you think to yourself I don’t know why she puts up with that __blankety blank__

Another way that you are sending your vibration out to the Universe and to your man in a way you may not realize is by how you treat other people as well as how you treat yourself.  If you aren’t kind to the Cashier at Home Depot, your man could have been behind you wanting to ask for your number and you may have just turned him off.

Also, if you constantly berate yourself or don’t take good care of yourself, you could be sending an energetic message that you aren’t worthy receive love.  Because if you don’t love yourself first how can you have enough love to give away to someone else?

It is said that you can only feel the Love you give away, so you want to make sure your wellspring of Love is full so you have plenty to give away.  The cool thing about love is that it multiples, kind of like Rabbits do.  Hehe.

The more love you have the more there is to share and the more it grows.  So it begins with loving yourself, which helps you Ask at a higher frequency and thus allows you to attract a higher quality man.

The second part of Law of Attraction is Answer.  The good news is that there isn’t anything for you to do on this one; Answering is the Universe’s Job.  The hard part for us humans is that we have trouble believing that the Universe answers our every request, all the time, every time!  I’m going to give you a couple of examples that hopefully will help solidify this thought process for you.

When was the last time you breathed?  Was it a second ago? How many breaths does the average person take in a minute?  Anyone know?  It’s between twelve and sixteen.  So basically every four seconds, the Universe or God, or Goddess or whatever you call it is magically providing you with your most precious resource on the planet – air.

You don’t question where it’s going to come from – you just expect that it will be there.  So why is it so implausible for you to expect that everything you want in life and love isn’t already there for you?

Think about a baby for a minute.  Most babies who are brought into the world don’t even have to think how their needs are going to be met.  They cry and ‘shazam’, they get whatever it is they need relatively quickly.  Their cry is their asking, they expect an answer, and they allow themselves to receive whatever it is they need.

So if a baby can get everything it wants and needs, why are we any different?  The only difference is that we have 20, 40, or 60 years of all kinds of people feeding us their beliefs about everything under the sun, and because we were taught as children not to question our parents – for the most part we think exactly as they do.  Now not all of that is bad, but as Dr. Phil would say, “How is that working for ya?”

It’s time for you to start deciding what YOU WANT to believe.  Find out what rings true for you.  Question everything that has ever been taught to you.  How do you know that it’s right for you?

Try new things and see if your mind doesn’t expand, where you begin thinking new thoughts like you LOVE YOURSELF, and OTHERS LOVE YOU, you are SPECIAL, and SMART, and BEAUTIFUL, and TALENTED, and most of all that you are WORTHY of having EVERYTHING YOU WANT.  So let the Universe Answer the requests you are Asking without resistance.

Which brings us to the last step – which is probably the most challenging one – and that is to Allow.  This is the only reason your man isn’t here yet.  It’s because for whatever reason you have bought into the beliefs of others that you AREN’T DESERVING.

Maybe someone said to you when you were growing up, “you’re stupid, or fat, or ugly”.  Perhaps mean children teased you when you were young just to make themselves feel better.  Or possibly, you believe it’s safer to stay single and you don’t have to risk rejection or getting your heart broken again.

Do you know that the key word in the phrase self-esteem is the word “SELF”.  YOU get to decide how you want to think, feel, and act toward yourself.  Unfortunately, our self-esteem was originally handed down to us from our parents.  What our parents thought of us became what we think of ourselves.  The good news is you get to decide TODAY to think what YOU want about yourself from NOW ON.

I have a quick tip for you on how to improve your self-esteem.  It’s called a belief changing meditation, and I did not create it but unfortunately I do not know who to credit it.  We will do the meditation at the end if there’s time.  If we don’t have time then you’re welcome to download it for free at my website –

Once you complete the belief changing meditation you’ll want to write your new belief on a colored piece of paper that feels especially good to you, and post it in your medicine cabinet, on your fridge, in your underwear drawer, or on your mirror, etc, and then take another piece of the same colored paper and cut it up into squares and post those all around the house so your subconscious mind can be reminded all the time about this new belief you have chosen to create.

When I first met my ex-fiance and he came over to my house, he said, “what’s with all the post-its Stace?”  To which, I said coyly, “I’ll tell you one day, if you stick around.”   LOL!

So now, how do you apply law of attraction to help you Manifest Your Man®?

I’m going to give you three law of attraction tips related to dating to help you attract your dream guy.  I have ten tips total which you can get when you visit my table, enter the drawing and receive a free bookmark and the tips are on the back of the bookmark.

1.      The first tip is to find three outfits that you feel AMAZING in and these will become your date night outfits.  This does several things from a law of attraction perspective.

a.       You FEEL great, so you’re going to have an awesome aura going on when you wear those clothes, and you know you look fabulous, so you end up feeling more confident and attractive

b.      You don’t have to even THINK about WHAT you’re going to WEAR which completely eliminates that element of stress in your life.

c.       You have made the entire process 100 times EASIER, which makes it much more enjoyable to go out.  So you’re projecting much more POSITIVE ENERGY.

2.      The second tip is to withhold judgment.  We make instantaneous observations and judgments about each other all the time, and when we’re on the hunt for a man, we often can determine in a matter of minutes if this could be our guy or not.

But from a law of attraction perspective, even if he isn’t your guy, every time you interact with someone you are sending out vibes to everyone around you.  Remember how you treated the cashier at Home Depot?  Well what if your guy turns out to be the manager of the restaurant, or another guest who’s on a date with a girl who’s not their match?

How you treat that person is saying to the universe either – I want a man who’s kind, sweet, and loving, so I’m going to be kind sweet and loving, or I’m tired of this flipping game and I’m just going to be single forever.

You get what you focus on, so if you suspend judgment of the guy and realize that he’s human too, and there’s nothing wrong with being genuinely interested in another person on the planet, even if you aren’t going to spend the rest of your life with him, you will be attracting the guy you are supposed to be with more powerfully by how you treat this one.

3.      The last tip for this talk is to intend on having a good time.  Think of this person as another interesting person on the planet you are going to meet and not the answer to all your prayers.  This way you keep the meeting light and fun and you remain in a positive frame of mind.

When my girlfriend suggested that I meet Mario, I said SURE, I’ll meet anyone.  I was open to ALL possibilities and I decided that I had no idea WHO my man would be so why wouldn’t I embrace every chance that to meet someone new, since you never know.

And thank God I did because I Manifested My Man within a week of saying YES to meeting him.  You can read about our story in my book, but there were NINE people on our first date!  I could have determined right away that this was going to be a BUST.  But instead I decided to go with the flow and determined that I was going to enjoy a night out no matter what it looked like, and LOOK at the result!  I found my dream guy.

After FIVE and a HALF years we couldn’t be happier.  We’re an even BETTER couple than we were in the beginning because we’ve GROWN together.  Where would I be now if I didn’t have an open mind and intend on having a good time that night.

This brings me to the last part of my PROCESS I want to share with you.  This is your new FORMULA for when you go on DATES.  It is my FIVE STEP SECRET STRATEGY TO MAKE DATING FUN AND EASY. Which is also available as a FREE download on my website –

After you:

  • Intend on having a good time and
  • commit to withholding judgment and
  • determine that you are going to spend the evening getting out of the house,and
  • finding out about another interesting person on the planet.

If he’s not your match, you are going to end the date with the phrase, “It was a pleasure getting to know you.  I had a lovely time tonight.  Thank you very much.  Good Night.”  Then on the way home, you are going to say to yourself.

  1. “Thank you universe for exposing me to this interesting person.”
  2. “I liked the following things about him …”
  3. “I didn’t like these things about him…”
  4. “What I really would like is …”
  5. “Try again please.”

And you will look forward with POSITIVE expectation to your next opportunity because you KNOW that the universe will have another option for your consideration, and if he’s not your Man then he will be a better version of the last one and you will KNOW that the Universe is doing it’s part to help you refine your preferences and get VERY CLEAR on what you are looking for.

And, when you do finally meet your man, you will know in an instant and you won’t have to use my process anymore, but you will share it with everyone you know because it WORKS!  A client of mine who seemed HOPELESS in her search for love even as little as just ONE MONTH AGO, is eloping in Scotland with her man AS WE SPEAK!

You may now know how, or when, just know that it is inevitable if you do your part to ALLOW him IN.  This is just the TIP of the ICEBERG, if you’ve found this at all intriguing to you and want more, then stop by my website and order my book and/or workbook, or sign up for my 10 Step Self Discovery and Relationship Attraction Program.  And Thank you all for listening.  It has been my absolute pleasure to share with you today.  I know that you soon too will Manifest Your Man®!