Gifts from Your Relationships

gift box“Once the mind is expanded it cannot ever return to its original form or dimension.”  ~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

The purpose of each relationship is to take you a little further on your emotional healing journey.  We came to the planet to learn and sort out a bunch of stuff and to make our way back to the ultimate truth which is the knowledge that all there is, is Love.  Unfortunately, we chose to forget this fact and we venture out on a quest to return to that state.

Relationships are all that matter in the world because on your death bed no one wishes they worked more, rather they wish they had more time with the ones they love.  I know I’m probably hitting a spot of intense pain for you if you are not in a relationship at this time of year, however, you have many meaningful relationships in your life right now if you’ll acknowledge them.

First and foremost, there is your relationship with yourself. How have you improved over the years?  What are you proud of having accomplished?  What do you like about yourself?  I have taught for years to make a success list of things that you feel good about accomplishing and my man Mario did it for himself this year without me prodding him to. He is learning success principles as he overhears me working with others.  Make sure you use this time to reflect only on the positive aspects of your life.  If you need to have a pity party, then limit the time to five minutes and then get right back to your writing down positive things about yourself and your life.

Next, you have your family members. At a minimum you have a mom and a dad.  I’m sure you could come up with a pretty good sized list of positive things your parents have done for you, but even if you cannot, they at least contributed their ovum and sperm to create you and that qualifies as a Miracle in my book. You are Important, and your life makes a difference in the world please remember that. If you can, though please continue to make a list of at least 10 things your parents did that were good.

Finally, there are all of the romantic relationships you have had with others until now.  Each one is most likely a better version of the previous one in some fashion, and if you’ll open your mind up to the possibilities, I think you’ll find that each one served your growth and development in some way.  Instead of bi*%&ing and complaining about how awful he was, why not focus instead on the gifts he brought you which helped you learn more about yourself, what you will accept or not accept in a relationship again, and your preferences about what you’re looking for in your man.

Why not make sure you open all your gifts this holiday season and if you’re honest with yourself, you may grow enough this year to be opening something next year from your man, because when you are ready, he cannot help but show up for you.   Happy Holidays everyone!  I’m sending you warmth, love, and many blessings from the bottom of my heart.