Feeling Lost in your Search for Love?

Mario was working on one of our properties the other day when he came down from one of the units carrying a very heavy bag. Even though his gut told him not to, he placed his keys on the tailgate of his truck so that he could dump the bag in the dumpster.

His truck key always stays in the ignition of the truck – so he didn’t need his key ring to drive the truck away. You can imagine what happened next. He dumped the bag, got into his truck and drove half a mile to our office. Once he arrived at our office, he couldn’t get in because he didn’t have his keys. So, he drove back to look for them and they were nowhere to be found.


He called me in a panic because he had a lot of important keys on that key ring, such as the keys to our office, my vehicle, the master keys to all of our apartments, and many others. I offered to help him find them, because I’m excellent at finding things, and I’m very good with keys. (One time I left a bag of keys on the back of my car and I drove away. I realized it immediately, went back to find them, and found every last one.)

I also have very good vision, so I drove the route that he took, and looked for his keys, while he walked it. As he meandered down the road, someone he knew drove by and asked him what he lost. This made Mario uncomfortable because this fellow was not very trustworthy, and if this guy got a hold of the keys, there would be reason to worry.

Mario pushed that thought aside and held the thought instead that someone else, whom he trusted, must have picked up his keys. While I was looking, I didn’t have that thought at all. I had the thought that we would find them in a place he wasn’t expecting. So I searched inside, underneath, and in all the boxes on the side of the truck, as well as his work room, and inside the apartment he was in, once I determined they definitely weren’t on the street.

Lo and behold, as he turned the corner onto the street where our apartment building is located, he saw one of our former tenants, Eddie walking with his now three year old daughter. He struck up a conversation and asked them if they’ve seen his keys. Eddie said, “Yeah. My daughter just found a set. Are these them?” And they were! A wave of relief swept over Mario. He thanked our former tenants profusely, bid them goodbye, and called me immediately.

You might be wondering what in the world does this have to do with me manifesting my man? Well, there are several lessons in this story that apply to manifestation.

1. Always listen to your gut. If your gut is telling you to do something or not do something, make sure you listen. If Mario had listened to his gut, he would not have put the keys on the tailgate of his truck. If you’re feeling compelled to go to a different coffee shop today, then listen! Your man could be there waiting for you, could be the manager of the shop, or could be visiting the shop next door.

2. Don’t let fear creep in. When Mario was in a state of panic, he was not able to find his keys. It’s as though he had a veil over his eyes and a block in his brain. He drove the route to look for them before our tenant found them, and yet he didn’t see them. When you’re focused on fear, your man could be directly in front of you and you would not see him, because your energy is not in alignment with your desire.

Love cannot exist in the same space as fear. So, if you’re worried and afraid about the reasons you don’t have your man in your life, you’re not in the right frame of mind to notice him when he arrives, and he will walk on by and create a bigger delay to you realizing your dream.

3. Maintain a state of positive expectancy. Once Mario shifted his thoughts from the fearful thought of, “Oh my God, what if that guy has found my keys?” To the hopeful thought of, Someone I know must have picked them up, and is looking for me right now to give them back.” He was able to manifest finding his keys.

If you can honestly reach the feeling place of knowing that your man is looking for you, at the same time you are looking for him; and trust that the universe will bring him to you in the exact right time, then you will have released all fear and doubt about his arrival, and your energy will be in line with him showing up for you.

4. Detach yourself from the outcome. In the beginning of losing his keys Mario felt fear, worry, concern, and was extremely attached to finding them. While he walked to look for them, he was able to quiet his mind and come up with possible solutions to this problem.

Mario realized that if he must replace his entire set of keys, that’s what he would do. There weren’t any keys on his ring that couldn’t be replaced. He would just need to remember what keys he had. Once he detached from the outcome, the keys presented themselves.

If you are enormously attached to the thought that you MUST have a man in your life, then you are much less likely to attract the high quality man you are looking for. Become happy with your life, your path, the things you are doing, and know that having a man to share those experiences and joys with you will be icing on a most beautiful cake that you have already created. You will reach the space of wanting your man, but not needing him. Feel the difference?

5. Express gratitude in anticipation of the result.  Mario knows the power of gratitude as we practice it as a couple, and in our office where we and our employees write what we’re grateful for on a daily basis.  He unconsciously practiced this concept while walking and searching for his keys.

He knew that if he thanked the universe for finding them in advance, they would be more likely to show up for him. In the quiet of his mind, he also thanked the people who had his keys for finding him and returning them to him at the perfect time. And look at the result!

He wasn’t conscious that he was doing this, but he realized it afterwards when I questioned him about it. The daily practice of feeling grateful created a habit in him that served him at a time he least expected.

Develop the habit of expressing gratitude in your life for everything in your world, your experience, and for your man – before he shows up for you. This way you are connecting the feeling of appreciation to the energy being sent out to the universe to locate him. The energy then becomes magnetized at a much higher vibration and the universe will find the best version of him and bring him to you faster than if you express feelings of doubt, anxiety, and worry.

Stop playing the waiting game and practice these proactive techniques to help you relax, yet continue to feel in charge of your destiny by choosing how your thoughts, feelings, actions, and ways of being will help draw your man closer to you with very little effort on your part.

I promise you that when you practice these steps as I’ve outlined them, you will create a powerful habit that will help you to have all of your desires come true and your man will be the cherry on top of a rich, tasty, flavorful life sundae that you created exactly how you wanted!

If you find yourself having trouble with any of these steps, visit my website at www.ManifestYourMan.net and find out more about how I can help you Manifest Your Man!