How Jack Canfield helped me Manifest My Man

Stacy and Jack CanfieldWhen I was 37 and single, again, I felt depressed for a while, but then I became determined that I was not going to settle for less than I deserved in a man again. I had been exposed to quite a bit of Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) thought processes through my Mary Kay business, and while there is incredible value to thinking positively, I somehow knew PMA alone wasn’t going to be enough to bring the quality of man I was looking for into my life.

You see, when I practiced having a positive mental attitude, I would repeat affirmations to myself of things I wanted to change about myself, but I didn’t believe them. I probably would have developed a more positive self concept eventually, but I wanted something that worked more quickly.

At the time, I was doing quite a bit of online dating – because where’s a girl going to meet a guy once she’s out of college? I worked from home, all of my girlfriends were married or partnered, and I really didn’t want to meet another barfly – so I didn’t have much of a social life.

While perusing the online dating scene, I gravitated to other websites that interested me, and eventually ended up in a Law of Attraction community called Powerful Intentions. I had no idea how I stumbled upon it, but it began my quest for information about the Law of Attraction, which ultimately led me to the movie The Secret.

Jack Canfield appeared in the movie, which piqued my interest – because everyone knew Jack from his and Mark Victor Hansen’s series of books – Chicken Soup for the Soul – and it gave the movie instant credibility.

I began soaking up everything I could get my hands on related to the Law of Attraction including everything Jack Canfield produced. I was led to a program called Effortless Success, which Jack produced with Paul Scheele. This was exactly what I needed!

The program taught how to implement the Law of Attraction into one’s life step by step. The Secret inspired and showed the world the concept of Law of Attraction, and Effortless Success taught how to put it into action.

I also stumbled upon a healing modality called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques®) that a therapist had suggested I try, and found that I could heal some major emotional blocks in a very short amount of time. My Mary Kay mentor pooh-poohed the therapy and I was disheartened for a while because I truly valued her opinion.

That is when I learned to think for myself and broke away from that mentoring relationship because it didn’t feel good that she dismissed the therapy so readily. I have benefitted immensely from EFT and believe that it can be a useful tool for everyone. My instincts were validated when I discovered that Jack Canfield, Bob Doyle, and many others from the movie The Secret are active proponents of EFT.

I was proud of myself for breaking away from a relationship that no longer served me, and instead aligned myself with the thoughts, feelings, and actions of like minded individuals who were proven successes.

I took what I learned with Positive Mental Attitude training – which taught me how to think differently, I expanded on it to learn how to change my beliefs permanently (using EFT), and I practiced feeling increasingly better and better about myself every day (main Law of Attraction principle).

Learning how to use Law of Attraction, healing my old wounds, changing my beliefs, and focusing on feeling good, is the most succinct summary I can give for how I Manifested my Man – Mario, and Jack Canfield is the one who empowered me into that space.

The rest of my story on how I Manifested my Man is in my book conveniently called Manifest Your Man® which will be coming out very soon! In the meantime, what can you do today to help bring your man closer to you?

  • Allow yourself to be led wherever the Universe takes you without judgment. What seems like a negative right now – may actually be the best gift. For example, at the time, I wasn’t too thrilled when my ex woke up five months before our wedding and said he didn’t want to be married. But had I married him, I would not have found my amazing man!
  • Work on improving your thoughts on a daily basis. If you are critical of yourself (which I find most women are), practice catching yourself in the moment and say to yourself, “cancel that” and replace the thought with a more empowering statement. For example, if you are looking in the mirror in the bathroom at work and you’re critiquing your looks, change it around to say these fluorescent lights don’t make anyone look good. I look much better in daylight. And walk away confidently.
  • Read, study, and absorb everything you can get your hands on related to Law of Attraction and Self Improvement. Not sure exactly what Law of Attraction is and how to make it work? Check out my teleclasses series I’m offering in May on my website. We’ll cover Law of Attraction in detail on the first call and help you understand it fully. In the meantime, there are plenty of books on the subject to help you until we can play together.
  • Look into EFT and see if you don’t clear some emotional issues soon after. There are videos on it on You Tube, and books if you’re a reader. There must be something to it if so many intelligent, talented, and wealthy people are using it, right? I just purchased Gary Craig’s EFT for Weight Loss book. I can’t wait to see the results!

The most important thing for you to do on a daily basis is to focus on feeling good. The better you feel, the more ‘good’ comes into your life because you are lining up to receive it on an energetic level. That’s what the statement ‘like attracts like’ refers to. It’s not that you are going to attract someone who is just like you, but you will attract someone who thinks similar to you.

Pay attention to how you think and feel. Is what you’re projecting out to the world what you want to bring into your life? If not, then know that you have the power to change your thoughts and your feelings in an instant, and it doesn’t take very long at all to turn things around. Now go create some good thoughts and feelings. Jack Canfield and I believe in you until you believe in yourself.