How Jack Canfield helped me Manifest My Man

Stacy and Jack CanfieldWhen I was 37 and single, again, I felt depressed for a while, but then I became determined that I was not going to settle for less than I deserved in a man again. I had been exposed to quite a bit of Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) thought processes through my Mary Kay business, and while there is incredible value to thinking positively, I somehow knew PMA alone wasn’t going to be enough to bring the quality of man I was looking for into my life.

You see, when I practiced having a positive mental attitude, I would repeat affirmations to myself of things I wanted to change about myself, but I didn’t believe them. I probably would have developed a more positive self concept eventually, but I wanted something that worked more quickly. [Read more…]

Effortless Success – Jack Canfield, Paul Scheele

JLC_Course_web Effortless SuccessSection One: ACTIVATE the Law of Attraction to think big, take action, and grow expansively. You’ll receive 8 CDs, including the Asking Paraliminal and the Fast Finish sessions.

Section Two: INTEGRATE the Law of Attraction for an automatic and continuous flow. You’ll receive 7 CDs, including the Believing Paraliminal and the Fast Finish sessions.

Section Three: APPLY the Law of Attraction to bring cascading enviable results into all areas of your life. You’ll receive 7 additional transformative CDs, including the Receiving Paraliminal and the Fast Finish sessions.

Effortless Success – Living the Law of Attraction