The First Manifest Your Man® Success Story!

Jen’s husband shares my last name and he and I aren’t even related! Can you believe that?!

Jen Toone and Dan Corrigan were married on June 7, 2008. Jen stated, “I am proud of how this all happened, and I don’t mind bragging about it!”


Jennifer Toone Corrigan
President of In Toone Communication

Here is my story in a nutshell…

One day in May 2005, I was five months away from being married to my ex-fiance’. Then, after fours years of being together, he woke up and said to me that he did NOT want to be married. I was nearly 37 years old and was devastated to think that I may never have a family to call my own.I spent the next 6 months grieving the relationship and mending my broken heart. Then, through extensive research and testing my methods (on myself first), I developed my Manifest Your Man® process. This ultimately led to me manifesting my man, Mario, three years ago. [Read more…]