Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day Jib Jab

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Mario and I have a LOT of fun in our relationship and we wanted to pass on this expression of the fun and love we have in our lives with you.  We hope your life is full of an ever increasing love that lifts you higher every day as ours does.  Take a minute and twenty seconds to watch and enjoy.  We hope it brings a smile to your face.  Remember, “There is GREAT LOVE here for you!”  and be sure to have a Happy Valentine’s Day even if it means being your own Best Valentine!~

Stacy and Mario Jib Jab

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Be the Love you are Looking for

RosesObviously you survived another Valentine’s Day. Are you feeling lonely because you didn’t have anyone to share it with? Do you wish you could have received flowers like all your other lucky girlfriends? Or would you just be happy to find your man no matter what he ended up doing for you on V-Day?

I know how you’re feeling because I was there too. Often, I would pick up flowers for myself to help me feel good, so I could simply enjoy their beauty. I always bought exactly what I wanted and imagined it was my man giving them to me.

Mario didn’t buy me flowers this Valentine’s Day, but I’m ok with that because he did make me breakfast in bed. He told me told me that any day could be Valentine’s Day and we could celebrate any time and any way that we wanted. I told him that every day is Valentine’s Day with him because I never know when he’s going to surprise me. [Read more…]