So you think your life sucks…or does it?

Everyone perceives life through their own lens.  We all personalize our stories, determine that our childhood was horrible – or just plain sucky – and we choose to stay stuck by rehashing our victim stories over and over again in our heads and to others.  It’s a challenging truth to face.  However, if you can step out of yourself and look at yourself as someone else would, I believe you would see someone way cooler than the person you see in the mirror.

We are so hard on ourselves we can’t even acknowledge our greatness.  When you can notice the good in yourself instead of everything you think is pathetic about you, you’ll be empowered to make lasting changes in your life, the lives of others, and finally be able to attract your man.  Pretend you are your best friend writing an introduction of you for an amazing event that’s being held in your honor. What’s awesome about you?  Put on your acting hat, give up your modesty and brag girlfriend, because you are INCREDIBLE!

iStock_000021610692LargeI know it sucks being alone for the holidays, but I promise you thousands of people are experiencing hardship much worse than whatever you’re currently experiencing.  While there may be people out there doing better than you, there are also people doing worse than you.  If you’re going to compare yourself to others, be equitable in your comparisons, because otherwise you’re just finding reasons to keep beating yourself up.

If you’re honest with yourself you’ll realize that your life isn’t so bad.

  • Do you have a place to live
  • Food to eat
  • Clothes on your back?
  • Family who love you?

When it comes down to it, those are the important things, and everything else is just a circumstance that you can change.  You can even change the family part by creating your own family if you don’t have one right now or one you’d rather trade in for a better functioning model. [Read more…]