Healing your Heartaches

Clearing up emotional wounds from the past so you can attract love into your life Now!

Healing HeartOne of the most frequent things I observe when working with clients is their lack of willingness to face the pain and trauma of the one thing that trips them up most when looking for love – their childhood.   It’s understandable to a degree since we’re programmed to move toward pleasure and away from pain; however our soul came here for the experience of the contrast of our existence, and to find our way back to peace.  The choice to remain mired in the pain of our childhood wounds keeps us stuck.  When the pain of staying stuck becomes greater than the pain of pushing through and Healing your Heartaches, you will do the work and change, which will allow you to finally attract the high quality love you’ve been looking for, for so long. [Read more…]

The Only Diet that Works – The Forgiveness Diet

640_salter-bathroom-scaleIt’s January and most people set about making resolutions.  The most common resolution is to lose weight.  Well I just finished reading two amazing books by Geneen Roth.  Women, Food, and God and When Food is Love.  I’ve also ordered her workbook Why Weight? and cannot wait to start revealing my  thinner inner self, especially after eating ‘too many to count’ holiday cookies.  The main premise of Geneen’s books are that when we allow ourselves to feel our feelings and not use food as a way to numb ourselves from the pain of our childhoods; then we will naturally make healthier choices, stop eating compulsively, and revert to our ideal weight.  [Read more…]